Insects as fish food

Insects are an important food source for fishes, especially for freshwater fishes as insects are found neither on nor in the sea. Topinsect insects are very popular among both aquarium fishes and pond fishes. The insects can be cut or grinded before feeding them to small fishes. The ideal pond fishes are insect eaters because plant-eating fishes cause too much damage to the pond and also produce more slurry. The underneath-mentioned list is a short enumeration of insect-eating fishes: golden orfe, rudd, sunfish, minnow, oranda calico, carassius shubunkin and the sarasa comet.

The most popular pond fish is undoubtedly the koi carp. Koi carps eat by sucking the mud of the bottom and to spit it back out, after which they pick out the eatable parts. Recently hatched out carps eat mainly zooplankton and algae. The larger they get, the more varied the food becomes. Adult Koi carps eat a large variety of organisms such as insects, fish eggs, remains of dead fishes, seeds en plants. Owners of private ponds usually feed their fishes composed floating food. If Topinsect insects are added to the food, the Koi’s will grow and breed more rapidly.

Anglers also use insects as their primary bait to catch fishes. Experienced fishers often add Topinsect insects (sometimes grinded) to the bait which is thrown into the pond.