Why Topinsect?

In nature, all birds, (insect and seed eaters), reptiles, amphibians and fishes search several kinds of insects to eat or to feed their young. This is the result of their instinct which evolved during the past thousands of years. It’s an unconscious intelligence which can be compared to an extra sense, determining how every species acts. In other words, the result of a constant adjustment to climate, environment and food availability. In order to breed animals in captivity, we have to imitate their natural biotope and food as well as possible. That is why insects are so important to breed animals.

Moreover, insects are extremely nutritious due to their high percentage of proteins. The amino acid profile of these proteins bears high resemblance to that of birds. Growing young animals demand a lot of these proteins; not only to build up their muscular mass and organs, but also to develop their plumage. Plumes have actually a protein percentage of 82 This means that when they are moulting, insects have to be an essential part of their menu.

In order to substantiate the above statements, the University of Ghent (Prof Dr A Huyghebaert) performed an analysis at our request. The results of this analysis can be found in the under-neath-mentioned table for your information. Measuring is knowing, guessing is missing! The table also shows the percentages of beef for comparison.

This analysis clearly shows that insects also have a high per-centage of fluids. In order to stimulate a good and healthy growth, young animals should be able to absorb much liquid. Combined with the insects’ high percentage of proteins, they can be considered as the ideal babyfood for young birds and other animals.